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Food vs Power Food

Let’s start off with a huge mindset shift…

Repeat. After me,

There is no “good” and “bad” when it comes to food.

The only value food holds (ie. good/bad) is from the value that we, ourselves, give it.

For example, when someone asks what you ate today… many people say something like, I ate really bad today, I had tacos”. But you could also say “I had tacos”. The tacos in both instances are innocent bystanders. The only person bringing blame into the conversation is you.

So STOP! Let’s just go ahead and erase good/bad from the vocabulary right now…..

It’s really is that easy.

Mind blown, right?

Now, that we have that out the way… while there are no “good” foods or “bad” foods, there are different choices when it come to the nutritional content that the food provides. I call this “food” vs “power food”.

Food is anything you eat. A taco, spaghetti, a protein shake, a cookie, a chocolate cake.… it’s all food.

Power food is when you take regular food and super charge it’s capabilities with super powers via amazing things that are really good for you.

For example:

You could have a protein shake. Blend in some berries, protein, milk… basic everyday protein shake. This will give you a healthy, satisfying breakfast that will fuel you all day and tastes great.


You could have the same shake but….add PhyoGreens, PhytoReds, Phytogolds, Probiotics, Fiber and Collagen.

In the same exact shake you now have…

27 highly bioactive superfoods

10 marine and leafy greens

4 adaptogens

7 polyphenol rich berries and red fruits

3 polyphenol rich vegetables

fermented turmeric and ginger

psyllium husk

Plus the worlds best liquid collagen…

Plus the original shake!

So, not only am I getting the same nutritional intake of the shake, but I am also…

Protecting my joints

Supporting my digestive system

Keeping my colon healthy

Keeping my heart healthy

Optimizing my alkalinity

Increasing my energy

Improving my sleep

Improving my skin and hair

and on and on….

All from the same shake!!!

Not only do I absolutely love the taste of this shake but the added boosts also help to stabilize my blood sugar all day, keep me "regular" and start my morning off strong. I look forward to my shake every morning. I feel confident knowing that I am putting amazing things into my body.

Yes, it is an investment but I can't think of any better investment than any of the benefits I just named. After all, we only get one body.

That, my friends, is power food.

You can do this with any kind of food….

Spaghetti?? Add some protein powder and pureed veggies to that sauce.

PB&J? Add PBFit to your PB to up the protein count and use quality whole grain bread.

Ice Cream??? Top it with chocolate Trim and Probiotic sprinkles for a fat blasting topping.

You can bake like this. Cook like this. Snack like this.

The possibilities are endless!

So instead of worrying about calories and trying to restrict yourself down to “air food”, think about, how can I maximize the foods that I actually like to eat?

When you start to think that way, you food truly becomes your power source.

Power Up Friends.

With Love,

Coach TayTay

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