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By  Sara Tischmacher Smith_edited_edited

Meet Coach Tay Tay

Welcome to my wellness hub! I have used my decade of experience in the health/wellness industry to put together the ultimate resource for trusted, current, safe health and wellness information!  I will deliver the resources you need, the best products to make your life so much easier and the best supplements available on the market to help create the version of you. All in one convenient place!


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2008

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • Intuitive Eating Coach 

  • Rocktape FMT Rehab Kinesiology Tape Certified 

  • Rocktape FMT Performance Kinesiology Tape Certified

  • Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

  • Airrosti Certified Recovery Specialist 

  • Certified Team Evolve Weight Loss Coach

  • Advocare Nutrition Coach 

  • Meal Prep Instructor

  • CPR/AED Red Cross Certified

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, U of Washington

I am not your average, everyday wellness coach. You know those “fitness people” that are naturally fit, naturally muscular and naturally slim… maybe they were the high school track star or star football player… they have been blessed by the genetic gods with a fierce metabolism, a tiny waist and impeccable coordination…the living hologram of health and fitness??? 


Well…. that is not me. Not even a little bit. 


I have spent most of my life overweight and in poor health. I have suffered from asthma, hypothyroidism since a young age, poor self esteem, no self confidence, disordered eating.. I was mentally and physically lost.

Health and fitness saved my life. 

And they continue to do so every time I get lost. 

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lateral raise front kick .jpg

Fitness gave me everything I treasure about myself…. It taught me how strong I am, it taught me that am a fighter, it taught me how to get stronger mentally, it taught me how to feel proud, how to feel happy, how to control my mood and stress, it taught me how to eat healthy, it taught me how to love my body, how to love myself and how to believe in my abilities.

Intuitive eating gave me back control of my life, my mind, my emotions, my body... basically everything.

My happiness. My sanity.


Good health is the best gift I've been given.

It’s the best gift I have ever given MYSELF.


Every time I lose myself, health and fitness help me find myself again. 

Every. Single. Time. 


My goal, as a coach, is to share with other people this amazing gift. 


I want to teach broken people how to fight for -themselves- from a place of grit and love they never knew existed within themselves. 


I want to teach people what being truly mentally, spiritually and physically healthy feels like. 

The peace that it brings. 


This isn’t about weight loss for me. 

It’s not about how we look.

It's about how we feel inside our skin.

It’s about life.  

It's about happiness.

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