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Support + Accountability + Education 

Intuitive Eating Coaching


I want to help you make peace with food. I want to help you gain control over your eating and learn how to work with your body to feel amazing inside and out. I am not going to help you diet, restrict food groups or practice fasting. My focus is helping you learn how to create a healthy well balanced nutrition plan that you can live with happily for the rest of your life.

  • Weekly Online Sessions 

  • Unlimited, around the clock support via text, online, phone or email 

  • Accountability and Structure

Friends Eating Together


    10 Week - Create Your Own Happier Life Program

  • All the accountability and structure you need to be successful. 

Pilates Practice at the Studio
Working from Home

Join Team Heart & Grit

Join my award winning team and learn how to launch, run and grown your own home based business right from your phone or computer. I will show you all the tools, resources and information you need to be successful from day one. We will work together, daily, to support each other and work as a team. Package includes your own website, e-commerce platform, back office, marketing tools, coaching and so much more.


For more information, get in touch.


*All candidates must apply and interview to join Team Heart and Grit.  

Acceptance is on a per person basis and not guaranteed. 

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