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Kind Words

I have coached clients with Taylor and I am amazed at how much experience, knowledge, and empathy she demonstrates! She is a one stop shop: mobile training service, meal prep for clients, great rehab advice, and the experience of her own transformation. She will help you in every aspect of your health & wellness journey! Don't waste another day procrastinating. Call or message her today


Coach Daniel Finn

Owner F3 Functional Fitness 

Kirkland, WA

"Taylor has been my personal trainer for 2 years - generally once weekly sessions. She is an excellent trainer and under her guidance I have very significant improvement in strength, coordination and endurance. She developed a good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and has worked with me to create a balanced program. During the course of this, I have lost 12 pounds, lowered my fasting glucose by 10 points, my cholesterol by 35% and very significantly improved my lipid profile.  My resting pulse rate decreased from 62 to 49 and I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication.  These parameters place me in a very low risk group for cardiovascular disease/strokes and diabetes.

Quite amazing what a modest life style change can accomplish!  Working with her has helped me make physical fitness a very important part of my life - I highly recommend Taylor as a trainer."


Jack Singer, M.D.    

Seattle, WA

“Taylor Simmons is a huge part of my health success and has helped me reach and maintain my health and fitness goals.  She compiles her training and expertise to create and individualize a training program that is both challenging and rewarding.  Taylor facilitates by observing everything from correct form, speed of repetitions, how I respond to levels of difficulty, to specific areas of concern as she monitors my core strength and physical ability to perform tasks. 

My overall conditioning has improved, my energy level remains high and my nutrition has improved overall.  She is flexible & accommodating with my working schedule when rescheduling is necessary and is thoughtful to check-in and follow-up when a session is delayed due to illness. She consistently makes it all about me! Taylor is talented, passionate and ultimately professional about what she does and combines that with individual client goals, specifics and humor! Yes, she has a knack for making the hour long session fun and something I do not want to miss!

I am pleased to recommend Taylor for your team as her knowledge is impressive, her skill-set vast, and her focus is personal due to constant observation and evaluation.” 


Donna Pruitt  

Longview, Texas

“I began working with Taylor in March of 2014. She has been instrumental in helping me reach my health/weight loss goals. Taylor is very professional in working with clients. She quickly establishes rapport with her clients and listens to what the client wants to accomplish and works hard to help the client accomplish the goal. She is punctual and uses the session time period very wisely and most efficiently. Taylor knows how to orchestrate sessions appropriately for her clients. She does an excellent job teaching her clients correct exercise form. She balances pushing her clients to their potential along with the appropriate amount of encouragement. I have been extremely pleased with my progress and with Taylor.” 


Demetra McElroy  

Longview, Texas     

“Taylor Simmons changed my life.  I was in my early thirties and found myself heavier then I had ever been.  I joined Rain having never belonged to a gym. I was doing cardio for a couple months and not making much progress.  One day, Taylor walked up to me and said let’s schedule an hour together I think you could really benefit. I was reluctant because I knew I wasn’t going to sign up with a trainer, but I did it anyway – in the course of one hour I was converted. I had never felt so good in my life. I had used muscles that hadn’t been worked since high school. I signed up for a training package and now, I can’t imagine my life without Taylor. I consider the money spent on training with Taylor as necessary as paying the rent. She has completely changed my body. I have lost 35lbs and kept it off for two plus years and never felt better. All along the way Taylor has been so encouraging, creating new routines for me to use every week, I am never bored.  She really listens and creates sessions that work on the body parts that need the most help.  It continually stuns me how every week she comes up with new inventive moves to keep my muscles working. I also have a few old injuries and Taylor is very careful to make sure that I never aggravate them or move improperly. Form first!” 


Vanessa Stoneburner  

Seattle, WA         

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