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AirBNB Report: Cedar Grotto

Location: Port Angeles

(Air BNB link and info at the end)

When our friends asked us to go to Port Angeles to celebrate a birthday, we knew this was a weekend adventure in the making! We jumped online and looked for the best AirBNB available in the area, our main requirement being a hot tub. Low and behold, we found the perfect spot! Not only did it have a hot tub but so much more!

After seeing the great rewiews and the reasonable price, we booked our stay and where immediertly connected with the amazing superhost Scott. Scott was wonderful! We would absolutely return to Cedar Grotto and recommend a stay here to anyone looking for a #treatyoself getaway, just a few hours from Seattle!

Here are a few highlights of our stay at Cedar Grotto.

#1 - Location

Right in the middle of town! Driving to Cedar Grotto, it's in a pretty industrial park part of town, but inside, it's like a little resort oasis! The location is easy to find with GPS and clear instructions were provided by the host.

There is a designated parking spot, tucked back off the quiet street. We ended up walking in through the back gate; luckily there was a keypad on the back door programmed just for each renter, so entry is very easy.

#2 - The Sauna

Walking in... first impression... The sauna is in the living room! I actually really enjoyed the sauna being inside. Enough room for 2 people to sit side by side or one person to sit with their legs out. It got nice and hot, warmed up quickly and was very clean. I really enjoyed being able to go straight from the sauna to the shower in the privacy of my own living room. Such a nice way to spend a day!

Of course, I forgot to take pictures while everything was made up and pristine, so here is a pic of the whole living room with my girlfriend asleep on the couch.

Her natural position on vacation.

#3 - Plenty of Room

With 3 beds, there is plenty of room for 6 people to comfortable stay. The beds were clean and comfortable. There was a king, queen and twin bed. The bedroom was nicely decorated without being too cluttered and there was plenty of room to store away our things.

#4 - Well Stocked

The kitchen was stocked with pretty much everything that you could possibly need cooking wise. There were plenty of utensils, cleaning supplies, coffee, tea, salt, sugar, etc.

The compact dishwasher is adorable and so practical for the space.

There were several neat little touches arounds the house. We enjoyed the cabinet full of games and cards. The Washington decor and old spit jugs were very cool decor as well.

There was even everything you could possibly need for laundry.. washer, dryer, iron and ironing board. Plus all the detergent and supplies you could need. Scott really thought of everything!

#5 - Excellent Bathroom

The bathroom was well stocked with everything you could need for a weekend away. There were plenty of towels in all sizes, shampoo, soap, lotion, even bug spray and sunscreen (different season lol). The shower was very clean and had great water pressure.

#6 - My Favorite Part

The backyard was wonderful and definitely the highlight! It is mostly fully fenced and very private. There was a nice seating area with a fire pit. But the best part..

The hot tub was fabulous! It was actually snowing while we where there, so sitting in the hot tub reading in the snow was simply magical. To use the hot tub, the hosts requests an additional $40, Which includes robes and large towels.

In the front of the house, the garage is an exposed room with a big group dining table. It is super cute and would be very nice in warmer weather for outdoor dinners or happy hour gatherings. Such a creative idea!

#7 - Things to do in Port Angeles

Cat Island - Literally an island with tons of cats! On the beaches of Ediz Hook, a 3 mile sand split off the coast of the Olympic Peninsula, there are tons of feral cats that have colonized the island. Residents of Port Angeles come out to feed the cats by dumping big bags of cat food in the rocks on the beach multiple times a day. The cat population is steadily growing as the cats are un-neurtered and have few predators. The cats even have their own Facebook page, Ediz Hook Community Cats.

To find Cat Island, click here.

I hope this was helpful in planning your next trip to Port Angeles. If you are looking for a great place to stay, consider Cedar Grotto! You won't be disappointed.

And thanks to Superhost Scott for a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Tay

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