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The First Race Weekend of 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Spartan weekend #1. My first Super and Sprint of the year!

The firs race weekend of the year was happening in San Bernardino, California. Since that's only about 90 minutes from my parents' house in Thousand Oaks, California, I stayed with them and visited for a few days in addition to the race.

The first day was very cold and extremely windy (the infamous Santa Anna winds were at full force). My Dad was kind enough to volunteer to drive and go to the races with me. He ran along the course with me and took videos the whole weekend. I'm not sure he will every understand how much that time together meant to me. No matter what happens, regardless of any outcomes, this is already my favorite race of the year.

The race was at Glen Helen Park .. it was beautiful. Kids were playing, people warming up, spectators cheering racers on... I just love this atmosphere.

Once we got check in and registered, it was just a matter of waiting for my time slot.

Here is a recap from the race day 1 - The Super


I did great on the obstacles! They are getting easier!

I made it almost across Twister for the first time ever!


It's not my first ever, but it's still new enough to be exciting :)

The Dunk Wall was FREEZING!!!


Too many people walking on the course. It was hard to go around people on the trails and there were lines at all the obsticles. I got slowed down big time.

Day 2

Race day 2 was way warmer and way less windy! I ended up taking off layers before the race and I am sure glad I did. It was so warm that I didn't even mind the dunk wall. Refreshing!

This race went very well. There were still some lines at the obstacles but it was much easier to pass people on the run portions. I finished in the 38th percentile! My best performance yet!

Here is the recap from the Spartan Sprint on day 2.


- Loved this layout and the obsticles included.

- Made it across the rings for the first times!


- The rope was insanely slippery and I couldn't get any traction with my feet! UGH!

I will be working on this alot over the next few weeks. Advice appreciated!

- I knocked my head HARD. Minor concussion and neck injury. Thank goodness for

Dr. Sue of Airrosti Rehab, the official treatment team of Heart and Grit Wellness.

All in all, this was a fantastic weekend. I can't wait to get back home, get to work and be ready for my next races February 26 and 27th in Mesa, Arizona.

Thank you for following my Spartan journey!

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