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Is your #MoneyStory keeping you broke?

Do you every wonder why you are the way you are with money??

Here's why!

What is your money story?

Have you ever thought about it?

How does the word "MONEY" make you feel?

Do you get excited

Or do you cringe a little?

Your money story... how you feel about money... heavily impacts your current financial situation as well as your financial behaviors.

Your money story started forming way back in early childhood.

Plus, it can be influenced by cultural and generational beliefs passed on to you.

That's a lot of baggage to carry around in your wallet!

Do you remember your very first memory about money?

(Pause and think about it for a second)

After a lot of reflection, I finally discovered mine.

My first memories of money are about the understanding that my Dad left home to go to work all day to make money so we can buy things. My dad worked so hard to give us the best lives possible and I appreciate this endlessly. I grew up extremely blessed because of all his hard work. But I also understood there was a sacrifice involved.

In my little girl head, I thought that if I could just cost less money, spend less, ask for less, then maybe he wouldn't have to work as much. Or even better, if I could make some of my own money then we could really spend some undistracted time together.

Because of this I learned to resent money. I hated money. Who wants to feel second place to a dollar bill? I was resentful of people that had money, people that wanted money, people that spent money. I didn't want the status as privileged. I resented every fancy party, every expensive outfit... the whole thing made me cringe.

Because of this, my money story was full of resentment and spite... for years.

I became cheap and chronically broke. For years!

Even though I made good money, had great jobs, was highly educated, I was always been stuck living paycheck to paycheck. Broke was more comfortable.

At least, thats the story I was telling myself.

I believed my value as a human being would somehow be impacted should I be selfish enough to dare to live debt free, start a savings account or splurge on myself. There was a shield of honor that came with brokenness and surviving on little, at least in my head there was.

(Reading this now, I laugh, because if you know me in real life, this is so obvious)


I learned that to change my CURRENT SITUATION I needed to change my STORY.

And... even better, I didn't need a new story completely, I just needed to change the parts I focused on most.

I needed to focus on all the amazing qualities I developed because of these beliefs and experiences.

For example. I deeply, truly, intensely, appreciate when people spend their money on me. I know that sacrifice it took to get that dollar and I feel that gift in my heart... not the dollar.

Even more so, the best gift in the world.. time. Sometimes, after spending time with a friend, really good quality time, I'll get emotional because I am so touched they wanted to give their precious time, attention and love all to me. Time means the most to me and always has.

These beliefs also created a very early love of hard work and earning money.

I was 11 or 12 when I started my first business. Is was called Club Mountain Park, CMP for short. We sold lanyard keychains door to door in our neighborhood to buy toys for the neighborhood park. I has all the neighbor kids involved and outsourced most of the labor to them. (I love theses memories)

Then came "Mommy's Little Helper". I made flyers and distributed them around the neighborhood. I wasn't old enough to babysit so I would watch people's small children while them were home so they get other stuff done during the day. It was actually a pretty successful business for a 12 year old!

I did babysitting, lemonade stands, car washes...

I learned to hustle young.

I was a tiny entrepreneur from the beginning.

This, my work ethic, my love of creating businesses, my love of hard work, my love of serving others and contributing to the world... these are some of my favorite things about myself.

I never would have developed those qualities without my story.

And my Dad.

What This Means For My Life Now

My money story has continued to evolve and recently, I feel more called that ever to my purpose. As a result of all my past, I have worked for years to discover a way to make a sufficient income while having as much free time as possible.

And friends, I have finally succeeded!

After years of searching, I have found the right people, the right method and the right support to really make it all happen. And the best part is, now I get to help others do it too.

I don't have young kids of my own which allows me the unique opportunity and honor to help all those Daddies and Mommies out there learn how to make a significant income from home, allowing them the time and flexibility to spend as much time as possible with their kids while they are tiny. This is the gift I get to give back.

This makes my heart so happy.

Seeing my friends post photos with their kids on vacations, days at the park, big smiles, laughing and hugging...

I want to help create this so badly for my friends and their kids!!

Any I can help make that happen because of my story.

So that's my money story!

That's what makes my whole journey worth it.

This is what I have been training my whole life to do.

Sometimes it's not the story, it's just how your looking at it.

Being willing to change your perspective can set you free.

What are you letting keep you broke?

What is your money story?

Could you relate to this article?

  • Yes

  • No

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