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What is Intuitive Eating??

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Who can relate?

I was OBSESSED with food.

It controlled my thoughts all day everyday.

I would think about my next meal while finishing my current meal.

I would "be good" Monday - Friday only to go "crazy bad" on weekends.

I would justify anything "bad" I ate and then feel guilty about it anyways.

I would spend my weekends meal planning, meal prepping and counting every calorie.

I did not enjoy the foods I ate.

I skipped nights out with friends from fear of loss of control eating.

My entire life was all about that (stupid f@#$ing) number on the scale.

Even as a personal trainer/ nutrition coach of 15 years, who has lost and and maintained significant weight loss, my relationship with food was extremely, detrimentally unhealthy. Years of restricted eating had resulted in a full blown eating disorder that and was starting to wreak havoc my health and my life.

When I knew I needed help beyond myself, I started working with a therapist that specialized in Intuitive Eating.

This was my first time every hearing of such a thing...

Making peace with food?

Accepting my body as is?

Eating without rules???

I thought that woman was absolutely crazy.

But I was just desperate enough to give it a try...

It took a lot of hard on my end (and the therapist too - bless her heart).

I had to unlearn everything I knew about food and eating.

I had to learn to not rely on a meal plan and the clock but on my own instincts.

I had to forgive, make peace, accept my past and allow myself to experience emotions.

I am now 5 years into my Intuitive Eating journey.

It has not been linear. It has been up and down, sideways, backwards and, at times, spinning in circles. In my world of fitness, nutrition, supplements, body fat percentages ... it is so hard to shield myself from the toxic grips of diet culture. Through education, self reflection and self compassion, I am able to recognize it for what it is, feel empathy for those still stuck at its grips and try to continue forward... bringing as many people with me as I possibly can.

Ok, but actually what is Intuitive Eating??

Intuitive eating was created by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in the 90s. Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians (CEDRD), they recognized the damage this "diet obsessed" mentality was doing to people and created a program to live without dieting.

They discovered that by integrating a person's inner and outer worlds and connecting the mind and body, that true food freedom could be achieved while maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

The Intuitive Eating Model is composed of 10 principals which addresses your thoughts, feelings, physiology and external influence. 1. Ditch the Diet Mentality 2. Honor your Hunger 3. Make Peace with Food

4. Challenge the Food Police 5. Discover the Satisfaction Factor 6. Feel your Fullness 7. Cope with feelings without foods 8. Respect your body 9. Movement - feel the difference 10. Gentle Nutrition Depending on how long you’ve been dieting for in your lifetime, it may take more time and extra support to help you to become an Intuitive Eater.

If you want more support or want to learn more about how to get started on your own

Intuitive Eating journey, check out my programs here.

Where to find more info on Intuitive Eating

Stay Tuned...

In the upcoming weeks, I am going to be covering each principal more in-depth as well as discussing methods to help you implement these principals into your own life.

Please join me in this journey and stay tuned for much more to come.

I am honored to be your personal Intuitive Eating Concierge!

Stay healthy and smile big my friends!


Coach Tay Tay

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