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Happy New Year!!!

In regular New Year’s fashion, I am doing this clean eating thing called Body Burn. ⁣You might have heard me mention it a time or two 😉

And I'm starting January 6. Today was day 1 😲⁣

It's about teaching our body how to see food as fuel that energizes you for your life. ⁣It is NOT a diet. Or a trendy mealplan.

It's just a way of eating real food that can positively affect your mood, your workout performance, your weight loss goals, and it helps to heal and prevent gut and allergy issues for overall health & wellness. ⁣


No chemicals. No sugars. No additives. No toxins. No sweeteners. Just real food and nutrition for the BEST version of me yet. ⁣clean living, baby!🙌🏻


In addition to my nutrition goals, I also have some pretty ambitious 😬 physical goals I’m going after this year. I’ll be pushing myself way beyond my comfort zone, running further than I ever thought possible and driving hundreds of miles in a pimped out Koa Soul to do it all.

It’s going to be one exciting year. I hope you’ll join me in some part of it👇🏼

n me this journey or join the Meal Plan group starting on the 13th, please let me know.

Here I go 💪🏽👊🏼😬

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