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Are you Mentally Tough?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

How to get stronger mentally and find the grit within yourself.

What does it mean to be Mentally Tough??

According to Wikipedia, "Mental toughness is a measure of individual resilience and confidence that may predict success".

So, are you mentally tough?

Are you able to control your attitude, your emotions, and your efforts despite any external conditions (people or weather)?

I used to think I was pretty tough.

I have always been on the tougher side...

When your only choice is to be tough, that's when you really figure out how tough you really are. Life didn't give me any other option, so I just... adapted...

However, no matter where you are starting from, you can always be tougher.

The tougher you are, the easier life is.

But you do have to practice.

Mental toughness is a living breathing muscle in our bodies. Just like all the other muscle in the body, we have to strengthen and practice to keep that muscle going strong.

Each new challenge is a new exercise.

Each new win is a new strength level acheived.

With hard work, consistency and commitment, anyone can get mentally tougher.

How to get Tougher Mentally

Think about this for a second, on a deep level....

"We only know what we already know"

Profound, right??

Basically, it's saying that unless we override this pattern with NEW information, the outcome is never going to change.

(This is a big part of weight loss that people miss)

In order for anything to change... longterm lasting change.... you need to override your brain with new information, new habits and new patterns...

It's just like your phone. Unless you physically update the system, you will not get any new versions of your apps. They will perform the same as always without the latest features, improvements and enhancements. That's exactly how your brain works too!

How We Take IN Information

Reading is such a great tool for self coaching and "updating" your mindset.

"A person who choses to not read has no advantage over the person that can't read" - Mark Twain

I have been so impressed that by just reading 10 pages a day, I have read almost 5 books in my 75 days!! That's more that I read the last 2 years put together in just 75 days!

To be honest, the reading has been one of my favorite parts of the 75 Hard Challenge. I have gained so much from the books I chose. This is one habit I am definitely going to continue.

What I read during my challenge:

Do you have any favorite mindset books??

For more information on Mindset Coaching, or to start a 75 day Mental Toughness of your own, contact Tay.

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